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Campus dining is a big part of the college experience. Our goal is to provide a variety of healthy foods in a fun atmosphere. We hope to enrich your dining experience by making it eventful and enjoyable. We will continue to make adjustments in order to keep pace with your ever-changing schedules, lifestyles, preferences and nutritional needs. We always encourage your involvement and input. We look forward to serving you and trust that your academic year will be an exciting, rewarding and memorable experience.

Meal Plans

Our comprehensive dining program addresses every student situation, saving you time and money and helping you eat when and how you like. There are three Block Plans for students to choose from that may be used within the Cafe. (Block Plans may not be used at the coffee kiosk location.)

50 Meal - $250.00

This plan is ideal for commuter students that are not on campus daily. This plan will provides students 50 meal to use throughout the semester.

100 Meal - $500.00

This plan provides students 100 meal purchases throughout the semester. This plan is ideal for students who live near campus providing a quick meal option for on campus dining.

150 Meal - $750.00

This plan provides students 150 meal purchases throughout the semester and is ideal for students that live on campus that require daily dining needs.